The Five Core Values

REACH Prep’s core values define us as a community as we strive to empower young scholars through education.


REACH Prep scholars are accountable for their own education. That empowering sense of agency is evident even among the youngest students. REACH Prep scholars understand the connection between sincere effort and results. REACH Prep scholars work to succeed.


REACH Prep faculty, staff, and scholars are committed to academic excellence. Scholars put forth their best effort in all their academic and extracurricular endeavors and share their talents through example and service.


Scholars engage deeply both in the classroom and in the wider community. Curiosity, imagination, skill and persistence enable REACH Prep scholars to achieve at the highest levels as students, artists and athletes.


REACH Prep invites parents and students courageously to join school communities in which they will be among a racial and economic minority. Entering a new community is challenging but, rising to the challenge, REACH Prep scholars develop the confidence to voice opinions inside and outside the classroom. REACH helps its scholars to understand that their diversity, their backgrounds, are valued and are strengths.


REACH Prep scholars are distinguished by high standards of personal integrity and respect for family, community and school.