REACH Prep was founded in 1994 and modeled after Prep for Prep in New York City. The organization was established at Greenwich Academy by Patsy Howard, Patricia Young, and Nancy Hoffmann to provide middle school African American and Latina girls with a more challenging educational experience. REACH Prep expanded its services to African American and Latino boys in 2000, and has placed over 300 minority students from Fairfield and Westchester counties into outstanding educational environments. Participating schools have generously awarded more than $4.5 million in financial aid to qualified REACH Prep students.

Continuing programs offered by REACH Prep ensure that our students are engaged in meaningful opportunities to develop the skills and motivation that enable them to become role models in their communities. At their independent schools, REACH students thrive and become outstanding students, civic leaders, artists, and athletes. Their talents and interests are nurtured by the opportunities they are afforded. They demonstrate their potential and commitment to excellence every day.