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Our Mission

REACH Prep provides access to transformative educational experiences that empower underserved, high-achieving students to graduate from top colleges and emerge as the next generation of leaders.

What We Do

REACH Prep helps motivated and talented Black and Latinx students from underserved communities in Fairfield and Westchester counties and the Bronx gain admission to and thrive in rigorous independent schools. Upon placement, students benefit from a 12-year educational continuum, including comprehensive academic enrichment, leadership training and supplementary individual and family guidance, which prepares them to succeed at and graduate from competitive colleges. REACH Prep's model of access to high-quality education along with sustained, comprehensive and long-term support achieves college success rates that defy trends and national statistics.

Our Core Values

Believing in the transformational power of education, REACH Prep deeply cares about:

               Access - Commitment - Excellence - Impact

REACH Prep’s core values define us as a community as we strive to empower young Scholars through education. Programs offered by REACH Prep ensure that our students are engaged in meaningful opportunities to develop the skills and motivation that enable them to become leaders in their communities.

Our History

REACH Prep was founded in 1994 and modeled after Prep for Prep in New York City. The organization was established at Greenwich Academy by Patsy Howard, Patricia Young, and Nancy Hoffmann to provide middle school Black and Latina girls with a more challenging educational experience. REACH Prep expanded its services to boys in 2000, and has since fostered the growth of over 400 students from Fairfield and Westchester counties and the Bronx through individualized guidance and support. Today REACH Prep continues to provide exceptional educational opportunities to over 250 students each year so that they will complete college empowered with the skills, confidence and knowledge to have a lasting impact.

Left: Founding Board Chair, Maxine K. Armstrong, with REACH Prep's Founders, Nancy Hoffmann, Patsy Howard and Patricia Young.
Right: Our Founders, Nancy Hoffmann and Patricia Young, celebrating Prep Academy commencement with a Scholar in 1996.