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REACH Prep's 2020 Luncheon Cancelled

March 16, 2020

Dear Friends,

I hope this message finds you and your families well. As a result of the COVID-19 developments along with federal CDC, local and state guidelines, REACH Prep unfortunately must cancel our Annual Benefit Luncheon originally scheduled for April 27th, 2020. We are unable to reschedule the Luncheon during 2020. 

We are disappointed not to be able to move forward with what was going to be a wonderful event. We would like to thank our Co-Chairs, Bia Bettamio, Judy Collins and Nisha Hurst and our Luncheon Committee for their planning and hard work to date. The last Monday in April has been an unofficial “REACH Prep Day” in our community for many years, and we hope to find a way to still honor our mission and the spirit of this event on April 27th. Please stay tuned.

For now, we are so grateful for every contribution and donation we have received up until this point, and we hope you all know how much this essential support has meant to our Scholars and their families. If there are any questions regarding Luncheon support, please reach out to me at or Gracie Phillips at and we are happy to assist you. 

Our REACH Prep family sends good health and safety to you and your families.  

With deepest gratitude,
Gina Lucas, CEO

Thank you to our school & community partners for supporting this event!

Thank you to our generous donors who have contributed to this event!

Bia & Alex Bettamio 
Judy & Chris Collins 
Brian & Nisha K. Hurst 

Summa Cum Laude 
Laurel & Cliff Asness 
Suzanne & James Cabot 
Sarita & Gregory Hanley 
Mark & Trish Davies 
Barbara & Edgar Harty 
Mary & Kim Jeffery 
Heather & Daniel Mosley  
Rama & Toni Subramaniam 

Magna Cum Laude
Lisa Argrette Ahmad & Zubaid Ahmad
Maxine K. Armstrong 
Kimberley & Neil A. Augustine 
Sara & Philip Bartow 
Brunswick School 
Nina & Jon Cheigh 
Gretchen Carlson & Casey Close 
Fairfield Country Day School 
Anne & Carl Goodnow 
Tracy & Keith Grossman 
Greens Farms Academy 
Greenwich Academy 
The Greenwich Country Day School 
Greenwich Hospital 
Gina Lucas & Charles Guerrero 
Hackley School
Ingrid & David Hang 
The Harvey School 
The Per & Astrid Heidenreich Foundation 
King School 
Isabel & David Lasky 
Charlotte & Edouard Matitia 
Elizabeth & Ryan McIntyre 
Lauren & Patrick O'Shaughnessy 
Jill & Miguel Patricio 
Rye Country Day School 
Sacred Heart Greenwich 
St. Luke's School
Mary & Frederick Sykes
Amy & John S. Weinberg 
Dee & Pug Winokur 
Carolyn & Chris Ziebarth 

Cum Laude
Claire Capello 
Dan & Jill Ciporin 
Henry L. Hoffmann 
Joni & Kevin Kimberlin
Anne & David Juge
Richard Browne & Nancy Risman  
Riverdale Country School
Liz & John Roddy 
Deborah & Charles Royce 
Eileen & Steve Simmons
Terri Walker 

Dean’s List
Cynthia & Brooks Borcherding 
Donna & Glenn Hascher 
Jesse Kolber Foundation
Richard Northrop 
Dara O'Hara 
Vanuce & Sergio Pedreiro
James & Jacquie Quigley
Brice & Laurence Russian
Lea & Timothy Stevens 
Gail & Seth Adam Turkeltaub  
John L & Sue Ann Weinberg Foundation
Cristina & Donald Young 

Honor Roll
Kathryn Tabner & Michael Boardman
Joan Burns
Gretchen & Lance Bylow
Jennifer Davidson
Claire Foster
Nicole & Larry Heath
Jennifer & George Linardos
Liz Losch
Allie & Steve Marks
Susan Mirza
Sarah Orum
Harley & Stephen Osman
Melissa Rinzler
Nancie & Mark Schwarzman
Laura & Daniel Shribman
Natalie Stein
Linda Tait
Amy Tanenbaum
Lisa & Jeff Volling
Kristen von Summer & David Waldorf
Carol Zuckert

as of 3.27.2020