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Malcolm Taylor

RP Cohort 10
Horace Mann ‘11
University of Illinois ‘15
Boston University ‘17

“I chose grad school to continue my academic growth and learn more about the intersection of business and advanced mathematics. It was very difficult, but the grit that REACH Prep instilled in my helped me focus and continue through this journey. REACH Prep has always encouraged me to continue learning and growing, and has nourished a passion for knowledge since my childhood.”

Malcolm started his journey with REACH Prep in spring 2002. Malcolm attended Horace Mann School from 6th – 12th grade. Malcolm attended George Washington University in DC, before transferring to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Malcolm studied mechanical engineering, joined the Kappa Sigma fraternity and did ballroom dance at both universities.

After graduating with his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from University of Illinois and his Masters in Mathematical Finance from Boston University. He started his professional career at Argus Information and Advisory Services, a financial service-consulting firm where he built statistical models to help understand various aspects of credit behavior. Malcolm currently works as a Decision Scientist at Marcus by Goldman Sachs. Malcolm first realized his interest in machine learning and data science in college and he has worked to foster and develop these interests ever since. In his current role at Goldman, Malcolm uses data to derive insights, and inform marketing and risk decisions.